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Online Interaction Tailored with Civility

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Our Code of Conduct

StepBack n Think is a youth-serving, community-based organization dedicated to preventing cyberbullying, providing a support system to victims in need with a clear message that our membership stands strong together with zero tolerance for cyberbullying.

Participation in the organization’s programs is subject to the observance of the organization’s rules and procedures. We would like to emphasize that signing this Pledge and following what it stands for not only shows your support to those in need, but also improves your image and impression on the internet.

Our actions in setting a good example are meant to perpetuate by others through eternity. Every participant of the Pledge is entrusted to hold up to the standards this organization represents, and to promote respectful online conduct.

The Aggressive Acts below are prohibited. Any staff member or signatory who violates this Pledge is subject to the removal of their name from the membership at the sole discretion of StepBack n Think management.

Aggressive Acts include:

  •   Abusive Language towards another individual online
  •   Bullying online by aggressive measures to another person
  •   Verbal, physical threats or visual harassment of another participant online
  •   The intentional act to verbally, physically or visually harass or hurt someone online

In addition, a Member is encouraged to help spread the word. Whether you simply put this link on your Snapchat story for 24 hours, or tell a few friends about the Pledge you are helping to clear the vision for a safer and healthier internet. The larger the Membership, the more civil the interactions between others over the internet.

By signing the Pledge you are confirming the following:

I have read and I understand the StepBack n Think’s Code of Conduct. I agree to abide by the rules described above and understand that I may be removed if I participate in any of the Aggressive Acts described above.

A confirmation of my Pledge and Membership to the StepBack n Think organization will be sent to my email.

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